• Nice and quiet travels without worrying about spealing in other languages countries.
  • Multilingual translator that helps you interact in the most common touristic situations (accommodation, shopping, emergencies…)
  • No internet needed once downloaded.
  • Translations and audios are certified by professional translators. You don’t need to worry about pre-established automatic translations that don’t make any sense.
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What offers Universal Tourist?

Universal Tourist allows travelers to dialogue in many languages without knowing these languages, through communication algorithms.

Why is it better than an automatic translator?

Universal Tourist features pre-recorded dialogues made by native speakers, so these translations never fail. No need to type text, it is already recorded and allows interaction with other people using our phone as an interpreter.

Why should we travel with Universal Tourist?

Because Universal Tourist avoids many problems related to communication in other countries. Even the shops and the hotels have staff who may not speak your language. Don’t forget that communication is essential to humans. Do you need more reasons?.

With Universal Tourist you can communicate in languages that you don’t know. 
With Universal Tourist forget the automatic translators where you need to type to obtain mistranslations or bad senses. 
With Universal Tourist trips and travels become nice and peaceful.
Phrases in each language
Million people speak the languages of our application
Interactions in each language

Technical features

  • Languages: German, Arabic, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian.
  • iOS platform.
  • Free installation App that comes with a free language and lets you download other payment languages.
  • Offline use.
  • Ideal for having a personal interactive translator system in without errors during your travels.